Be Happy Always :)

​🙃 《 Happy Feelings attract Happy. Circumstances!!》 🙃 Yeah i Am not a happy person inside u just know my name not my story but yes I am try to be Happy When you understand, that what you’re telling is just a story.. It isn’t happening anymore. When you realize […]

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Retraining — The Grime Life

Well, I hit the button. I requested retraining. I’ve waited so long for this. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Air Force or the military in general, I’ll explain what I’m talking about. Retraining in the Air Force is when you apply for different career field than the one that you are […]

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Always Faith in Patience❤



● Sometimes Patience And silence is better than expressing How you feel…!! 💫💫💫

● I Never give up, and be confident in what i do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which i face will make me more determined to achieve my objectives and to win against all the odds…✌❤

YahAllahpak grant me strength to face all your challenges only in You I place My Trust Completely YahAllah When I lose my hope’s and plans help me to remember that your Love for me is greater than my Disspointments & your plans For me are better than mine Dreams..😇😇😇

Dear Allah Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand what you really Want to happen I cry I feel Alone I am Desperate by myself I Lost Myself But Than I remember Allah is always With me ITrustYouAllah! 💟 Give…

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